Flesh Wounds | Cover Art Statement

This month, I had the opportunity to work with Hip-Hop artist, Kid Candor to put together the cover art for his upcoming EP, Flesh Wounds. The concept for this piece was a simpler, cleaner design that resonated with the sentiments found throughout his EP. You can catch Kid Candor on iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, and [...]

Chess Players & Poets | The Collective

I had the pleasure of shooting some of my best friends this month as they prepared for the launch of their new hip-hop group called Chess Players & Poets. In great anticipation of sharing this session, I had the opportunity to capture the essence of their personalities and their art through these photos. They have [...]

Young Love | Our Story

In 2006 I met my husband Josh. We didn't know it at the time but the second I met him I had a feeling that things were about to get really interesting and I actually do mean the first second I saw him. To this day, I won't deny that I was head over heels [...]

Breastfeeding | Why It Failed For Me

Every expectant mother at one point or another has this perfect idea as to how their birth story is supposed to go. They plan every detail and expect for everything to go perfectly. You know what I mean, right? That moment when you think, "I'm going to have a natural birth with no epidural" or, [...]

Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds.

Abuela Duly My grandmother was my whole world. I lived the majority of the first bits of my life with her every single day. I was her favorite and it showed through. Growing up with her in my life and having her present almost every single day made her more of a mother figure than anything [...]