March Favorites 2017

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Here is my review of the products I have been using this month.

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Yes To Tomatoes


Skin care is an important part of my makeup routine. Without a clear clean face, my makeup would look blotchy and my skin would look dry no matter the cost. Face washes along with skin moisturizers go a long way in making sure my skin stays smooth and glowing for perfect makeup application. This product isn’t only for women. My husband uses this product regularly along with me. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask helps in clearing up acne and blemishes as well as removing impurities from deep in the skin and pores. The instructions state to spread a generous amount of this product on your face while avoiding the eyes and mouth. After leaving the mud mask on for about 15-20 minutes, you simply rinse off all of the residues until you have a nice clean refreshing face. The biggest pro to this product is that it claims to be made out of 100% all natural ingredients. You know what is going on your face and you feel good about it!

Sephora Collection Eyeshadow Palette ~ Limited Edition


When it comes to my makeup, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I rarely go for colors that really stand out so eyeshadow palettes aren’t in my normal makeup repertoire. When I received this palette, the first thing that was very clear was that amount of colors available. One side of the palette caters to the more neutral tones that I am more drawn to. The other half caters to bolder colored tones for that pop of color type look. Apprehensive of this palette, I decided to jump in and see what the quality was like. I can tell you that this palette is really great! The eyeshadows go on smoothly and blend out so neatly. You can tell it is a high-quality product right away and it inspires me to experiment more with all of the colors now available to me. It also includes a really nice eyeshadow brush and two eyeliner pencils.

Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette


Cleaning your makeup brushes is an absolute must that should always be incorporated into a makeup routine. The product goes on your brushes and the brushes go on your face. No matter how clean you think you may be, having brushes fester for weeks without washings regularly can lead to bacteria build ups. Yucky stuff that you just don’t want to put on your face. I have been actually using this for several months to clean my Sephora Makeup Brush Set. This brush cleanser fits in the palm of my hand and allows me to have an easy grip to clean my brushes efficiently. The bumped ridges on the cleansing palette are designed to clean all different sized brushes. Just add any makeup cleansing liquid and scrub away. Soap and water work fine too but this palette is useful to really dig deep into the pores of the brush bristles. I have enjoyed this product and would highly recommend it.

City Color Cosmetics Contour Effects Palette


I have several contour palettes or bronzers and blushes that I use regularly. If you want to find a very affordable product but want to achieve the same look as those high-end items,  this contour palette does the trick. I have used this brand for a while and specifically use the contour and bronzer sections because they go well with my skin tone. My favorite part about this palette is that it’s in a powder form so it really allows you to be able to blend in effortlessly. It goes on smoothly for my skin and has been dubbed a favorite in my book.

Grande Lips Lip Plumper


I was always hesitant about the word “lip pumper”. My natural lips are already pouty so I have always avoided the lip plumper because I felt like it may have been redundant. I still feel this way about this type of product but after trying this for about two months, I really like it. There’s a hydrating lip plumper in this brand that helps me with dry lips, and a tingly minty feel to the lips that don’t feel like it burns like other ordinary plumps. It also doesn’t give me a swollen lip look so I apply it, leave it on for a minute or so, and then remove it before I apply my lip balm. I have enjoyed it so much that I have actually started to incorporate it into my everyday routine.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm


This one is a simple one for me. I have tried so many lip balms over the years and Burt’s Bees has always been the best product by far. I love everything about this brand. From it being a mostly natural product to the smell and longevity of its duration. It’s all a plus for me. If you generally have dry chapped lips, use some Burt’s Bees regularly and it will really help.

Wander Beauty Carryon Lip


The crayon lip. I love this product so much. I use the color Pink City and it looks like a more enhanced natural lip color. I am not generally a pink makeup kind of gal so this one really surprised me. It feels light weight and looks great. I wish it lasted longer like the ever popular liquid lipsticks but this is one of those products that I do not mind applying again and again. According to the brand, this crayon can also be used as a cheek application to be put in place of a blush. This line come is more rosy colors and has a dual purpose. I have only tried one color but it does peak my interest to try more of this brand!


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February Favorites 2017

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Here is my review of the products I have been using this month.

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Arabica Coffee Scrub 


This product peeked my interest this past December because I was looking for something that would work to clear a lot of my skin imperfections. This product claimed to do all of these amazing things so I took the chance and purchased it. It’s a dry coarse powder substance. It’s not the best smelling product but it does have hints of a coffee aroma. When you rub it onto your wet skin you notice the oils that are infused into this product. You are instructed to rub it in circular motions. I personally applied this all over my body from my neck down to my ankles. I made sure to focus on the hard spots. For me, it was mostly the spots that had stretch marks. After a few uses, I started to notice that a lot of my stretch marks that were large or dark started to fade. Other were pretty much nonexistent. It removed a lot of the dark color that it actually started to match my normal skin color. I didn’t notice a huge change in cellulite reduction but I figure that if I use this product for a longer time then there will be a change eventually. This product is supposed to be left on the skin for about 5 minutes. After washing it off you feel silky smooth. I use this regularly and highly recommend this product.

Boscia Skin Care Products

I recently purchased the sample size set of Boscia skin care products. It came with four different products there were all catering to different skin care goals.

The Charcoal Pore Pudding is infused with black charcoal and white charcoal. It’s a mud style mask that gets placed on your face for 15-20 minutes and then you wash it off. Compared to other mud masks I have tried, this one actually has a pleasantly bearable smell. As you rub the charcoal mixture on your face it turns a gray color and hardens as it drys on your face. When I washed it off I noticed how soft and clean my face felt. It clears my faces of any impurities and if I have any breakouts, it is my go-to face mask product.

The Luminizing Black Mask is a peel off mask. You apply it to your face and let it dry for about 20 minutes. One way to know if it dried up correctly is if its dry to the touch and if your face feels firm and immovable. For me, the drying time really depended on how much product you put on your face. Thicker layers take longer to dry and thinner layers dry quickly. When you’re ready to peel off the mask it generally comes off in one full swipe. I recommend going slow because it can be painful in certain sensitive areas. An excess left on your face can be washed off. It pulls out any deep skin impurities you make have. I love this product so much I almost have an empty bottle.

The Tsubaki Splash Mask is a highly concentrated rice mask. There are two methods that this can be applied to the face. Its intention is for deep hydration and I generally use this product after a mud mask application or in the shower after washing my face. I apply this by over-saturating my face with water and using one pump of the product to pat it all over my face and neck. You let it air dry and you’re all set. I use this as a part of my regular routine.

The last item is the Deep Hydration Sleep Mask. It has more of a lotion look and texture to it. At the end of the day, when all my makeup has been removed and my face has been washed, I like to apply a nice amount of this product to my face and neck. You can sleep with this mask on and you won’t feel it at all. In the morning when you wake up just rinse your face off and you’re ready to start the day. I am a big believer in hydrating my face so these products were just right for me.

Beauty Blender


I actually have several of these Beauty Blenders! They are best used when damp and used to apply makeup smoothly and flawlessly. I have been using the beauty blender for several months and it’s always a go-to product for any foundation application.



For someone with wavy/curly hair, it can sometimes be difficult to find a good hair washing product that really elevates my hair texture. I have tried many wavy girl methods and while some of them worked, not all really showed the true potential of my hair. I started using DevaCurl in January of this year. About two months later and I think my hair has never looked this good. I wash my hair about 2-3 times per week and use this product exclusively. Its 100% sulfate free and is designed for all different hair styles and textures. They split their product up into three categories; Wavy Hair, Curly Hair, Extra Curly Hair.If you’re looking for a shampoo and conditioner set that caters to this kind of hair I recommend giving this brand and product a try.

I will be posting monthly product favorites. If there are any products you would like to see reviewed, leave a comment down below!