Pool Days | Arianna Rose

Spring Is quickly passing us by and Summer will be right upon us. The sun will be ever present and the Florida heat will make for perfect pool days and capturing those moments that will be our memories! Here is how we are starting our Summer days: She will only be this little once in [...]

Chess Players & Poets | The Collective

I had the pleasure of shooting some of my best friends this month as they prepared for the launch of their new hip-hop group called Chess Players & Poets. In great anticipation of sharing this session, I had the opportunity to capture the essence of their personalities and their art through these photos. They have [...]

Arianna Rose | Two Years Old

Every time I have the opportunity, I try and take cute lifestyle-like photos to keep a record of how much she has grown throughout the months or years. I have done this regularly since she was about 9 months old and have taken photos of her many milestones throughout that time. I won't call myself [...]