Flesh Wounds | Cover Art Statement

This month, I had the opportunity to work with Hip-Hop artist, Kid Candor to put together the cover art for his upcoming EP, Flesh Wounds. The concept for this piece was a simpler, cleaner design that resonated with the sentiments found throughout his EP.

You can catch Kid Candor on iTunes, Apple Music, Pandora, and more on June 17th.

Flesh Wounds | Kid Candor


Cover Art By: Ashley Concepcion, 2017

Kid Candor beautifully portrays his authentic emotions while using poetic lyricism to convey formidable moments of his life. A genuine heart displayed so eloquently for the world to be strikingly impacted by. I hope you take the chance to listen to his EP and experience Kid Candor’s work for yourselves.

Make sure to download his EP on June 17, 2017 and visit his artist page: Kid Candor to follow all future projects.


You can also find his collective group that I had the pleasure of photographing earlier this year, here: Chess Players & Poets

To view the photography session I had with Kid Candor specifically, visit my portfolio or head over to: Kid Candor | CPP  and take a look!


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