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I had the pleasure of shooting some of my best friends this month as they prepared for the launch of their new hip-hop group called Chess Players & Poets. In great anticipation of sharing this session, I had the opportunity to capture the essence of their personalities and their art through these photos. They have worked vigorously towards their goals and now their visions are becoming a reality.



“Born to Cuban refugees, Castañeda’s music reflects the transparency and passion that courses through his veins. A Miami rapper, Castañeda directs his emphasis toward lyricism while offering a gritty, diverse, and musically varied approach to rap. His musical journey began at age fifteen and has progressed in step with his personal development. As he has grown, so has his music.

Castañeda writes mostly in an introspective manner, delving into certain social or political realities. For him, artistry entails more than skillful wordplay or well-produced music. His style reflects a passion for both hip-hop and transparency, truth and conveying that truth in a coherent and powerful way. He is equally passionate about his homeland Cuba. Much of his music reflects his love, pain, and general devotion to his beloved island, which is lost in oppression. He is currently working on completing his first EP, set for release in 2017.”

-The Collective


Jay Parker

“Born and raised in Tampa, Fl in a low-income, single-parent home, Jay Parker experienced firsthand the many cultural differences hidden within his city, and the social influence on the mind of an individual. As a child, he struggled with being overly empathetic, to the point of crying at the sight of a homeless man. His wide range of emotional competence is what allows Jay to be an introspective storyteller in his music. Paint pictures with his passion and pain so the listener can feel and see things from his perspective.

Recently divorced, Jay is turning his painful experience into fresh content for his upcoming Ep, The Subtle Art Of Heartbreak. Set to release in 2017. Written as a sort of therapy, Jay hopes that each listener will leave cherishing his/her spouse more. He states, ‘Although I’ve experienced this rough time in my life, I know that it’s not the end.’ Jay Parker’s main concern isn’t that his listeners will solely like his music, but that they will leave having experienced something real.”

-The Collective


Kid Candor

Turning his tortured ethos into poetic brilliance, Kid Candor brings boldness, introspection, and soul shaking truth to his listeners. As his name suggests, Candor makes it a point to speak from the heart. A South Florida native, raised in Riviera and West Palm Beach, Candor has always been immersed in hip-hop artistry. Influenced by artists like Eminem, Kanye West, and T.I. His love for music with depth unfolded as he began writing in middle school with every intention to develop into a skilled word-smith. Through his parent’s divorce, horrible role models, and the fight to stay out of turf wars, Candor found music to be the best way to express his many thoughts and ideals.

His upcoming EP, set to release in 2017, uses creative style and raw emotion to challenge the facades of society and reflect in the broken facets of modern day culture. Candor establishes his intentions to impact hip-hop by painting vivid pictures and illustrating personal stories, speaking to people’s souls in a fun and relatable way, yet real and thought-provoking way. Combining his musical talents with local artists and good friends Chess Players & Poets, KC plans on making music that changes lives.”

-The Collective


I am so excited to see where these next steps will take them as their journey continues to expand. They have only given us a snippet of their poetic hearts and we are already yearning for more. They have so much heart and have all gone through so many life experiences that they are willing to pour it all out through their music and share it with the world. They will, without a doubt, tug at your emotions and reach into your hearts as they give you a front seat experience to their own worlds. One thing is for certain, they will be unapologetically real.

Listen to their first single here: Chess Players & Poets

Thank you for stopping by Untamed Rose Blog. Don’t forget to click on the links throughout this blog post to follow these three incredible men through social media to keep up with their happenings and new music as they are released. I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Give them a follow and spread the love.

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