My Earliest Childhood Memory

I have several moments in the early stages of my life that I can remember quite vividly. Memories that I can see clear as day in my head and even remember small details. At the age of two or three, my family and I were living in an apartment in the Kendall, Fl area. I don’t remember all the full details of the day, as in, what time of the month or what we were doing that day but I do remember that it was around the year 1994. I’m sure this story may be a little different from the perspectives of the people that were in the room with me on that day but this is what I actually can remember from those moments as they occurred.


Photo Of The Actual Apartment We Lived In

Someone had just gifted me a toddler size beauty and the beast recliner chair. Within the first few moments of trying it out, I couldn’t quite understand how the mechanism worked. Despite my parent’s attempts to show me what to do, my impatience got the better of me. I managed to get the recliner to open up and had it in a full resting position. I thought I had finally figured it out until it came time to actually close. I tried multiple times to get it closed with everything that I had but it just wouldn’t budge. Out of frustration, three year old me thought it was a good time to just jump off the chair.


I stood straight up and decided it would be a good idea to jump off the side of an open reclining arm chair. That’s when it happened. My foot got stuck in between the wedge of the seat and the arm as I jumped so I took a swan dive head first into the white tile floor. I am sure you can imagine the chaos that ensued after that fall. I busted my chin wide open. I can remember who I believe was my mom panicking and continuously saying “Se le ve la carne, se le ve la carne!” which means “You can see the meat, you can see the meat!”


As scary and unsettling as that sounds, I only remember a few short moments after this chaos. I remember being laid down on a sofa and looking up to see all of the adults hovering above me assessing the damage to my tiny baby chin. My grandmother’s boyfriend at the time, who I referred to as Tata, was standing right above me with his hands on my chin. I remember him saying that I was fine and all I need was a butterfly stitch. I don’t remember the rest but to this day I have a one-inch scar that you can still see and feel on my chin.

I can laugh about it now because it has been over twenty years, but I am sure it wasn’t a laughing matter then. I guess you could say that the lesson here is to always be patient and to not jump off a chair if you’re as clumsy as I am!


Thank you for visiting Untamed Rose Blog and reading about my earliest childhood memory. If you would like to see more, comment down below! 

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