Arianna Rose | Two Years Old

Every time I have the opportunity, I try and take cute lifestyle-like photos to keep a record of how much she has grown throughout the months or years. I have done this regularly since she was about 9 months old and have taken photos of her many milestones throughout that time. I won’t call myself a photographer but I am a big believer in learning new types of art mediums and mastering the technique just for fun. It also helps me learn more about my camera and how to use it so I take advantage of those moments to do just that.

It’s 2017 and Arianna Rose is now two years old. She’s gotten taller, she’s gone up in clothing sizes, she’s saying more words and even starting to use full sentences in the best way she can. She knows every word to almost every song she’s heard and every movie she’s watched; and that’s not an exargeration. She actually does know all the words. After she mastered learning the words she has now actually begun acting out the cartoons. We suspect there will be an interest in drama for her future. She makes us laugh all the time and her sense of humor is always on point. Her personality has shown through more than ever and she is way more expressive with her emotions.

She has several favorite movies right now that consist of Moana, Finding Dory, Lilo & Stitch, Frozen and Little Mermaid. She can watch those over and over again and still have the same enthusiasm of watching it like it’s the first time she’s seen it. Mickey Mouse might just be her most favorite of all as it has been since she was a little baby. We try to take her to Disney World every chance we get and even the sight of the smallest Mickey head has her jumping with excitement.

The day I took these photos, we were sitting at home enjoying a nice calm day. Not too many exciting things happening but it was just me and her making the most of our everyday routine. I was admiring her while she was playing with her toys so I instantly whipped out my camera to capture the moment. I wanted to freeze that moment in time. As she was playing with her toys, all I could keep thinking about was how she is never going to stay this little forever. I brought out my camera and start snapping away because I wanted to savor the moment as much as I possibly could. To keep these photos as a memory of how tiny and how beautiful our Arianna Rose is.

These are the moments that I will always try to capture. To freeze the time I know she won’t always be in. Our Arianna Rose. Fun, carefree, wild, hilarious, little, beautiful Rose.


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