Birth Story | Arianna Rose

January 5th will forever be marked as one of the best days of our life. It was the day my daughter was born into this world. We chose to visually document the powerful moment of our birth story as a celebration to remember that day forever and share it with those around us.

On January 4th, I entered the hospital at around 10:30 pm because of contraction pains. Generally, when you first get to the hospital, they evaluate you to make sure you’re ready to stay there. Plenty of expectant mothers walk through those doors experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions which is just another term for false alarms. So because of this, they check how dilated you are, how far apart your contractions are, and if your water broke. The did a series of those tests including an ultrasound just to make sure that baby was okay. I was 1 centimeter dilated when they finally decided to admit me so they moved me into room 2205. My contraction pain was pretty strong even at the very beginning and at this point, I was already a whole week overdue. The original plan that was created with my doctors was to be medically induced on January 5 at 8 pm. My daughter had other plans and decided she was ready to start her way several hours prior to that. My water officially broke around 3:00 am and from that moment on, the pain became unbearable so I made the decision to get an epidural to ease the pain.

The early morning started and close family members started to trickle in to visit. At our hospital, they didn’t really have a restriction as to how many people can be in the room with you while you’re going through labor. At one point, I was pretty sure there were at least 15 people in the room just watching me go through this. Even with the epidural, the pain was powerful. I actually thought that it wore out after a while because every time a contraction started again, I found myself writhing in pain. The nurses offered another dose but I declined and chose to keep pressing through it. I think my mindset at that point was just trying to put mind over matter and get it over with.

Eventually, I reached 10 centimeters of dilation and it was finally time to push. Everyone was sent out of the room and the doctor arrived to assist in making sure everything went smoothly after that point. As a newbie mom who never chose to go to a single Lamaze class, pushing took me a minute to get right. After I got it down, every push just seemed to last forever when in reality they were just simple ten-second pushes. My mom was counting the seconds down and I got so impatient I literally stopped everything and frustratingly told her to count faster. As if counting faster would somehow shorten my ten seconds. It’s one of those moments that I can laugh at now.

My daughter was born at 1:05 pm on January 5th. For me, that might just be the luckiest time to be born into the world. Once everything was said and done, there was a moment of relief but also a moment of overwhelming joy that produced many tears around the room. The doctor offered that my husband cut the umbilical cord, but I think with all the emotions he was feeling he couldn’t. So my mother got to cut my daughter’s umbilical cord.

The rest of the family that didn’t stay in the room with us during the delivery were all let back in. Everyone was eager to see her. I think most importantly, they were all eager to hold her. She was our Arianna Rose; our brand new fresh-faced baby girl. Everyone’s family title had suddenly changed because of our Rose. Brothers were now uncles, mothers were now grandmothers, grandmothers were now great-grandmothers and so on.

Once everyone got their doses of love in, we were finally able to change her. I wouldn’t say her first outfit wasn’t the most memorable. It was far too big even though it was in a newborn size. Our little peanut was so tiny and weighed only six pounds. Nevertheless, she looked adorable in anything that was put on her. Her baby blue onesie said “Daddy’s Little Princess” in yellow and had a white beanie hat to match. Fitted with warm socks and a blanket and she was ready to venture into the rest of the world right there along with us.

We spent most of our night with very little sleep. It was to be expected. She was such a quiet newborn; barely any crying or screaming. I had a little mishap after giving birth that I needed stitches for so I spent most of my time trying to recover, master breastfeeding (Which ended up as an epic fail. But that’s a story for another time.), and learning about my daughter and everything I needed to know to care for her. My husband helped me tremendously and was there every time I needed him and was so hands on. Any task needed, he was there to help. After all, he was learning too.

She mastered her first few days like a champ and before we knew it, we were ready to go home! We had officially done it. We went through three months of trying to get pregnant, nine months of pregnancy, several hours of labor and delivery, and three days in a hospital to finally reach the moment of taking her home and having her with us.

Her first day home was pure bliss. We were all incredibly exhausted both physically and visually due to the lack of sleep we were getting over the previous days but there was this calming sense about the whole day. I can’t really explain it. I think most of that calmness was because we were finally out of the hospital and back in the comforts of our own home but I also think it had a lot to do with just finally being with our girl. We couldn’t be more grateful to have the task and responsibility of cherishing and caring for the most precious gift in the world.


Comment down below if there are any parenting stories you all would like to hear or what your own birth stories were like. Remember, we’re all different and every birth story is a real birth story.

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