To talk about my life and give you a better understanding of who I am, you have to know the fundamentals of my families. Their stories that soon became my stories.


Pictured Above: My Mother (Center); My Grandmother (Left); Grandmothers Sister (Right)

Growing up in Miami, there is a lot of cultures that exudes from there. My family is primarily of Cuban decent. My mother and grandmother arrived here on the historic Mariel Boat Charters that arrived in Miami, FL in the year 1980. They fled their homeland because of the oppressive ruling of their dictator leader Fidel Castro. They had to leave in secret and in the middle of the night out of fear of being imprisoned or killed for even the thought of leaving. Back then, when the Mariel Charters opened up, Fidel told his people that those who wished to leave the island could do so freely. He made it seem like it was something that was permitted. But, if it was found that you were one of the people choosing to leave, they would jail you, beat you, or far worse; kill you. So boats arrived in the middle of the night to pick up those who’s family paid for tickets for them to leave the island. They left behind everything. Their family, their homes, the belongings.

Pictured Above: My Grandmother, My Mother, And I.

Fast forwarding a few years later, my family established a life here in the United States. The beginning stages of my life were not as easy as it would be for the average child. My mother married my biological father very young. Around the age of 19, she gave birth to me. My biological father was deeply troubled. He and my mother were separated until I was about two years old when they would finally make the divorce official. His role in my life was becoming more and more obsolete by his own choosing. By the age of two, he was no longer a part of my life.

Pictured Above: My Dad (Left); Me (Bottom Right)

During that time, my mother met someone and they instantly became connected.  He willingly took on the role of a father in my life. He chose to make sacrifices, he chose to put in the time, and he chose to pour love into my life. He’s the one who proudly worked for the title of ‘DAD’ and he earned so much love and respect from me because of it.

Pictured Above: With My Family, The Day My Brother Was Born.

My brother was born in 1993. From that moment on, we were a family of four. Happily going about our business and enjoying the life we built. There were many obstacles during that time. But all of those stories will be shared in my blog posts later on.

School was never really something that peeked my interest while growing up. I never enjoyed it even though I went through honors-level classes for most of Middle School and all of High School. When I think about it, the only classes that ever caught my attention was Art. It made me realize that drawing was one of my greater passions. It was a trait that I wanted to be better at and I worked really hard to develop my skills.

Pictured Above: Some Of My Personal Artwork Over The Years.

Ironically, when the time came to go to college, I choose a school that was geared more towards intellectual work than artistic nature. I ended up choosing Elementary Education as a major and quickly regretted it shortly after starting. I lasted there for about 2 years before I decided to drop out and pursue a career in something that I love doing.

This led me to explore the world on entrepreneurship. 

I’m still learning what that means; to be an entrepreneur. I have so many dreams and aspirations for what something like that would look like. Slowly but surely I am working towards those goals and I will be sharing with you a lot of my process. I don’t claim to be a pro at running my own business, but with time and several learning curves, I am gaining the experience I need to reach my endgame.

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