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I’m Ashley Danielle and the founder and lead designer here at URB. I am a 26 year old mother and wife as well as self taught graphic designer and photographer. I am originally from Miami, Fl and I am of Cuban decent. I currently reside in Tampa, Fl. For me, art has always had a pull on my heart and graphic design and photography have always been the strongest passion that I have followed and pursued persistently. Having a creative personality type and dabbling in many creative fields over the years, graphic design and photography have given me the ability to channel and outlet that strong side of my life.



15977287_10208266978169895_3220393210989373080_nI met Joshua when I was 14 years old. We started dating very young and the second I met him, I knew that he would be an important person in my life. Eleven years later, I am married to my soul mate. We have a beautiful two-year old daughter named Arianna Rose, and a happy home filled with more love than we know what to do with sometimes. We have learned so much through the years about who we are as humans and as parents and have grown so much because of it. As time passes and we start to go through different life stages, we see that we are always learning – constantly adjusting to moments life throws our way.